The 24 Hour Maths Game Show took place from 7pm BST on Friday 28th October until 7pm BST on Saturday 29th October 2022, and was a celebration of everything maths/games related, including mathematical game shows, game theory, maths games and anything else in the intersection of maths and games. You can view a list of all the segments that were part of the 24 Hour Maths Game Show on the game show page, including links to watch them in the recording.

You can still watch recordings of the show and donate to our four charities: Beat Eating Disorders, the Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation, the Disasters Emergency Committee, and the Malala Fund. You can donate to one or all of these charities on our Just Giving page. If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can add Gift Aid to any donations to Beat and DEC (as they’re UK-based charities) but not the Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation and the Malala fund (as they’re non-UK charities).

So far we have raised a total of £4591.75 for our charities.

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The first 24 Hour Maths show took place in October 2020, when a group of maths presenters got together some mathematicians, magicians and other cool people to put on a 24-hour long online YouTube mathematical magic show. Each half-hour had a different special guest sharing a mathematical magic trick of some kind, giving a total of 48 tricks for you to watch and puzzle over (and since it was Hallowe’en, we included some treats as well). You can find a full list of guests, and links to their parts of the show here.